Barack Obama: 'Yes we did. Yes we can.'

Former President Barack Obama: "Yes we did. Yes we can." (Getty Images)The former president’s final remarks to staff and supporters stand in contrast to portions of Donald Trump’s inaugural address.

How the inauguration played on TV

How the inauguration played on TV. (AP)Trump deployed blunt, sometimes brutal directness in a speech devoted to the theme of "America first."

Surprising picture on Trump's POTUS Twitter

Trump's POTUS Twitter account had an image from Obama's inauguration in 2009If the photo on Donald Trump's @POTUS account looks like it wasn't taken at his inauguration, it's because it wasn't.

Read full text of Trump's inaugural address

Full Text: President Donald J. Trump's inaugural address. (Getty Images))"From this moment on, it’s going to be America First," said Donald Trump in his first remarks as president.

Donald Trump: 'You will never be ignored again'

Striking populist tone, Trump promises: ‘You will never be ignored again’In his first remarks as president, Donald Trump vows to put America first and says he’ll work to serve every citizen.

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